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Květen 2022 – GRAITEC, mezinárodní vývojář software pro oblast AEC (navrhování konstrukcí, výrobu a BIM) a Autodesk Platinum Partner v Evropě a USA a Autodesk Gold Partner v Kanadě, Vám s potěšením oznamuje vydání nové verze řady PowerPack 2023 pro aplikace Revit, Advance Steel, Inventor a Vault.



PowerPack for Revit

Link to Excel


Support for sheets has been added to the “Link to Excel” Option. Therefore, it is now possible to obtain a schedule of sheets for your project directly into Excel, edit the schedule with Excel, and import it back into Revit. When adding a new link to excel, select the “sheets” category.

After selecting the desired fields that you wish to appear in the schedule, you can modify it, update sheet parameters, and import these changes back into Revit with the Link to Excel tool.

 Family Type Creation

Before, creating a family in Excel was an overly complicated and time-consuming process. Since the user had to export the family types as a text file, then open it as a CSV file in Excel to modify it, then reverse the process to import the new family back into Revit. Now, this process is simplified and automated as the link to Excel allows this task to be done.

To use this new Link to Excel feature, the user must create a new table of type "Type"(1) and add at least the parameters "Family Name" (2) and "Type Name" (3). Those three conditions are mandatory. The user can also add the parameters they wish to view or modify in the link settings.

 Family Manager

A tool that was already a top customer feature has been enhanced with a new smarter interface and the ability to add families to a new favourites section. Searching and Views have been improved. It is now possible to save your configuration for use by other users.

In this release, most of the icons (except for the <- and -> for switching pages) have been moved to the top of the window.

 User Favorites

Users now have a new section where they can enter, view, and manage preferred families. This section is in the library panel, which has been divided into two sections:

  1. Library View with two categories: Graitec Libraries (predefined Graitec families) and User Libraries (user-added families)
  2. Favorites (2) (favored families).

Families can be added to the default folder of Favorites by clicking on the hollow star icon “☆”. Another option to add families is by right-clicking on the family in the library section and choosing “Add to Favorites”. It is important to note that these families will not disappear from its original categories.

 BIM Connect

This tool has been updated to be compatible with the new approach to analytical modeling in Revit 2023. In which the analytical model is independent of the physical model to increase its versatility and autonomy. This results in four new possibilities:

  •  The physical model exists without an analytical part.
  •  The physical model exists associated with an analytical part.
  •  The physical model exists non-associated with an analytical part.
  •  The analytical model exists without a physical part.

The BIM connect tool will work regardless of the type of the analytical model. In addition, a list of the non-associated object is now automatically generated in the export report.

 Rebar Schedule Word Export

It is now possible to export a schedule to a Word document using the “Export Schedule” option. This feature allows a structural engineer to create a bar schedule in Word that can be attached to different documents. The Word Template used can be customized by the end-user user to maintain their standards. The title block and dimensions of it can be modified in Word to add the project name, address, client, designer's name, verifier's name, and other information.


If the schedule includes bending details, the images are automatically inserted into the word document.

 Batch Export

The Batch Export tool has a new interface that has been modified to be more user friendly.  It is now also possible to select this tool with no active project in Revit.

Users have several new functions to filter and sort the list of views or sheets according to their preference. In addition, there is a search bar that allows users to search and filter the views by parameter. The columns are fully configurable from the Options tab.

Sets are a new feature that allows users to create a customized list of items to be used on multiple occasions. It can be created for both views and sheets at the same time. Users can browse and select a set in View/Sheet set option.

PowerPack for Advance Steel

 Line to Grid tool

Convert lines to Advance Steel grids, combined with Model Views and Camera creation, for parallel and non-parallel source lines, creating grid grouping and labelling.  The tool allows for selection of multiple lines and then grouping and grid length control, with options to select single or all model views and cameras for automatic arrangement drawing creation.
The operation is command line or Dynamic menu, creating Standard Grids with Advance steel properties, allowing user productivity in modelling, and drawing output.

 Multi Grid and Level tool

Multi Grid Level tool allows the user to quickly create grid lines and levels within the Advance Steel model space, combining also with options to create model views and cameras within those model views, maintaining a macro dialog.  The tool combines several standard Advance Steel Features, to allow easier user interaction for that initial Structural Steel modelling, that initiates with a Grid.

The addition of Levels, grid replication or projected grid features, propagates into the project explorer to allow for features such as element attachment, for building type of multiple storeys, combining the inbuilt camera of model views drive user productivity into drawing creation.

 Camera Creator

 Camera Creator’ is designed to allow users to quickly create a series of new cameras within the model space, it allows the user to remain within the dialog and change the parameters for each camera placed.

 The Camera Creator allow for placement of multiple cameras within a model to allow for the detailing of area’s that are not linked to Grids or Standard model views, with the inbuild orientation of the camera, combined with all the standard functions seen within an Advance Steel camera, the user can quickly set and place and repeat at different orientations around a focal point of the model.

With the option for Camera counter that can be introduced into the description field for easy of sequencing and reference.

 Stairs Stringer Total plate width control

For straight stair tools is the ability to control the Stringer Width for plate type arrangements, this is by realignment of the user interaction with the controls and parameters. The dialog changes allow users to better align with Standard Flat plate widths for ease of detailing and production, typically even profiled plates are created to standard sizes to allow for easier production and assembly.  The feature is found under the Stringer Tabs, within the main dialog, with several options to control both flight and landing interactions.

 Stairs, Stringer Mitre control

For Straight Stairs, a new feature tab to control the mitre between Flight and Landing Stringer elements, located upon the main Stringer Tab, the user can see the 'Mitre cut' option to split plate Stringer between flight and landing.

With the combinations between inner and outer, with Top and Bottom, the user can
decide the best logistical position to split for processing and Fabrication of the stair stringers. Bringing flexibility to the design.


PowerPack for Inventor

 Read Inventor Version

The “Read Inventor Version” is the tool to identify the files version and update them too latest, because up to date Inventor files are important for stable and performant CAD.  The tool offers a fully automatic process to search the project, generate a dialog for review and filtering.

Upon filtering the user can proceed to the migration operation.  With the operation reporting upon the migration status of the files upon completion.   Therefore, offering the users a fully migrated project, allowing for efficient processing and modelling.

 Remove iLogic Rules

The Remove iLogic rules command has been created to help all designers who have worked with iLogic previously, within components and now wish to remove those previous rules within a reuse of the component.
The command is an automatic project search process that is accessible under multiple ribbon locations, with the results being schedule within a dialog, followed by multiple filtering options to allow for file selection to rule removal, via dialog driven commands.
This allows for quick project clean up and reuse of existing components, assemblies and drawings within new projects, thus reducing the task considerable.

 Border Frame Swap

The Border frame tool allows the user to easily change the Drawing Border frame, within a created drawing, via the user of pre-configured Template selection.  The tool is ribbon based and is associated with the Title Block Swap tool, offering user the ability to change out those border frame along with title blocks, giving greater flexibility to reuse existing details for different internal and external documentation requirements.

PowerPack for Vault

 Email notification

The Email notification tool, automatically informs Administrators of the Job processor status, being offline, so that job queues do not overrun.  To achieve this there is a Windows Service that automatically sends the email, when the Job processor is offline, this service is configurable via an XML file to allow the intervals and enablement and the various settings for email distribution.

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